Our Three Winks, The Boutique

Our Story

We are committed to empowering other women while striving to provide the hottest trends in fashion to compliment every woman. We carefully choose our products for women and children - and always keep quality, style and cost in mind. Christie is the founder & owner of Our Three Winks.

Our Mission & Promises

At Our Three Winks, we have one simple goal: empower and support strong women by offering a wide selection of apparel, jewelry, gifts and accessories for women and children.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products at the most reasonable cost, because we believe women deserve the best. We're here to compliment and be a part of your girl squad!

Our Standards

We know we're not perfect (c'mon, who is?), but we try really, really hard to provide quality products for our customers. And to simply have the best customer service possible.

  • Tell the truth.

    We hate the marketing smoke and mirrors game as much as you do. We will always provide you with as many details as possible. We are pretty thoughtful about the products we choose and you deserve to know what you're purchasing.

  • Be kind.

    We believe there is nothing more important than "being nice." Kindness has a rippling effect of goodness. We follow this in our customer care, in our content, our community building, and in life.

  • Have fun.

    Running a boutique, raising children, maintaining a full-time career and trying to be a good human is serious business. But if you're not having fun, you're not doing something right. Smile, laugh, and enjoy life are keys to thriving. We hope you'll join us!